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Sep 30 2010


I decided over the weekend that I needed to set nonnegotiables for myself.  These include:

1. Bed between 10:30 and 11:00 on school nights

2. Walk the dog for every day (hopefully for a mile or more)

3. Limit of 1 caffeinated beverage a day

Sunday and Monday, I did it!  I went to bed early, I wore out my dog on some pretty extensive walks, and I managed to only drink water.  I felt incredible.  Tuesday, meant ICEG, which meant that it was going to be pretty hard for me to get in a good meal and a walk, so I decided to make myself a good dinner and a promise to take the pooch out for several hours on Wednesday (today).  After I got home from ICEG, I had a million distractions (laundry everywhere, unexpected phone calls) and too much to do.  I went to bed epically late, forgot to take allergy medications, had stiff legs, and a poor mentality going into the next day.

Today I woke up feeling terrible.  It was probably my least healthy day thus far.  I was exhausted all day, my legs were sore from not walking, all I could focus on was taking a nap after school… and I ate Cheetos.    CHEETOS!  Of all of the foods I could have chosen as a pick me up, I went to the vending machine and chose the one thing with absolutely no nutritional value.   I feel like Cheetos are like a metaphor for my day, a day of no-substance in my classroom. Ughhhh!

So, yea… nonngeotiables.  It’s on.  They need to happen. I’ve realized, if I don’t put myself first, then I’m putting my students last.

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  1. Gra

    It´s the story of my life in 3rd grade!! When I´m working with them I don´t feel tired, but then…give me a bed! Why do I have to choose between a good meal (dinner) or more time to sleep ??

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